Joist Hanger Screws?

One of the most common mistakes code officials see in field is the use of screws in framing hangers. It seems very difficult to comprehend for the layman that nails provide a much more adequate connection for these hangers than screws. They often seem proud at times. "I know the instructions said nails, but I used screws because they are way stronger." Is a quote oft heard with a smile upon the speaker's face, anxiously awaiting their well deserved pat on the back.  I've delivered the disappointing news so many times to these eager pleasers, that one almost begins to feel perhaps they are wrong on some existentital level and perhaps a modern Dante has a special circle reserved for code officials; however, there exists now a possible solution to make everyone happy.

Simpson's SDS screws, aka mini lag bolts, are approved for use with may of their framing hanger products. Their increased shank diameter allows them to maintain sufficient shear strength while allowing the easy mechanically assisted installation that makes normal screws attractive. These screws would seem to solve the additional problem that making the mistake of using screws creates. Once one has been informed that they should have used nails, they simply remove the screws and pop nails into the mangled cavities the screws left in the wood. Common sense would dictate that this does not result in the best possible connection; thus, these thicker screws would seem to be a more logical solution to this common dilemma.

More info on these connectors can be found here.