Pending PA House Bills

HB 48 - Establish scholarships for volunteer emergency responders.

HB 147 - Would introduce legislation to provide a $500 tax credit for volunteer fire fighter purchase of equipment.

HB 223 - Mandatory CEUs for architects. (Passed in House 189-8) 4/4/17

HB 294 - Would allow for an additional occupancy fee to go towards funding fire services.

HB 298  - Would create a code official trainee program. (Passed in House 195-1) 3/20/17

HB 442 - Statewide plumber's license. (Passed in House 105-91) 6/20/17.

HB 639 - Amend RTK to account for those abusing the RTK laws for commercial gain.

HB 670 - Statewide fire sprinkler contractors license.

HB 240 - Increase per capita tax from $10 to $15 with proceeds directed to local fire and emergency medical personnel  

HB 456 - Establish State standards for tattooing and body piercing establishments. (Passed in House 173-17)

HB 571 - Would require municipalities to contact residents whom are affected by FEMA map changes.

HB 588 - Impose a 45 day time limit on DEP erosion control permits.

HB 550 - Allow municipalities to use public funds to perform work on private sewer laterals.

HB 551 -  Allow municipalities to use Pennvest funds to perform work on private sewer laterals.

HB 1007 - Requiring alternative 3rd party code enforcement options.

HB 895 - Create a certified fire protection specialist registration.

HB 799 - Allow municipalities to broaden zoning definition of "hotels."

HB 795 - Would create a set of standards that would no longer allow recovery homes to operate with impunity to local regulations under the FHA shield.

HB 1061 - Would provide tax deferred income benefits to long time active volunteer fire fighters.

HB 1122 - Would add a $1 fee to UCC permits in order to fund grant programs for municipal property maintenance programs.

HB 1295 - Amend RTK fees for commercial data mining.

HB 901 - Would make it more illegal? to assault a local code official. These protected class bills have always felt strange to me with the underlying implication that it is kind of OK to assault some people.

HB 1359 - Would encourage and expand volunteer fire and EMS training in high schools. 

HB 1380 - Proposed separation of Commercial and Residential UCC adoption process.

HB 1469 - UCC third party choice legislation. (Passed in House 107-87) 6/29/17

HB 1576 - Allow ACT 537 exemption for non building subdivision.

HB 1770 - A proposal to institute the novel idea of using HICR funds to help homeowners whom are subject to wrongful acts by contractors.

HB 1831 & HB 1833 - A proposal to institute the novel idea of using HICR funds to help homeowners whom are subject to wrongful acts by contractors, and an additional bill that would require home builders to disclose defects on other homes they have built. 

HB 1874 - Would allow police to remove squatters from properties without the owner going through the formal eviction process. 

HB 1894 - Would make destruction of RTK records a criminal offense. Which I suppose means currently it is simply frowned upon.

HB 1810 - An initial foray into the muddled regulation issues regarding Airbnb and similar home sharing markets. (Passed in House 177-14) 6/13/18

HB 2075 - Amend the fiscal code to expand the underground service pipes that qualify for municipal replacement. (Passed in House 181-14) 6/25/18

HB 2265 - Would require municipalities to distinguish between non-building and building lots for land development purposes in their zoning code.

HB 2459 - Would expand the statewide regulations of the UCC to include requirements for permits and inspections of residential stucco work.

HB 2554 - An alternate 3rd party solution that would allow someone to use any qualified inspector for any inspection. That seems chaotic, and probably purposely so to make other legislation seem more palatable. 

HB 2564 - Would limit restrictions on wireless small cell facilities. Highlights: Zoning cannot exclude placement on utility poles within a zoning district where they would normally be a permitted use nor impose spacing restrictions, historic areas and decorative lights can be exempt, there is a permit fee limit of $100 and a 15 day review period, an annual fee of $50 can be charged, replacement of equipment is exempt from permitting, has a bunch of common sense wording that local governments act fair and ethical.

HB 2622 - Clarify that UCC appeals carry over regardless of a change in the BCO.

HB 2629 - Would allow municipal websites to publish legal notices to satisfy certain notification requirements.


House Co-Sponsor memos

Rep. Lawrence - Would deem historic barn structures used for assembly purposes as exempt agricultural buildings under the UCC.

Rep. Hill-Evans - Increase in municipal fire escrow accounts.

Rep. Day - Would lead the way for municipalities to adopt vacant property registration ordinances. 

Rep. Grove - Would require local municipalities to take responsibility for maintenance of the bridges in their jurisdictions. 

Rep. Warner - Would allow Pennsylvanians to actually buy the fireworks being sold in their state. 

Rep. Culver - Another call for a study of fire codes in effect throughout the State. So now, maybe two studies using time and money to determine the obvious answers of a lot, and yes it is confusing. Then perhaps there will be more studies on whether or not there should be some sort of uniform code. If only there was some simple change they could have made recently that would have addressed this issue.

Pending PA Senate Bills

SB 50 - Require sellers to disclose if property is in a flood zone and history of any actual flooding.

SB 84 - Require restroom access in retail establishments to those with IBDs and equivalents.

SB 99 -  Regulation of clothes donation bins.

SB 114 - Allow for sewer authority to shut off service to delinquent commercial properties. (Passed in Senate 49-0 3-26-18)

SB 159 - Proof of workers comp insurance for HIC registration.

SB 183 - Would establish state plumber's license.

SB 187 - Would amend RTK fee schedule for commercial purposes.

SB 297 - Would amend the Home Improvement Contractor Registration Act to allow the AG to punish those that have thwarted their current honor system licensing requirements.

SB 372 - Make it clear that certain small residential structures are exempt from UCC requirements.

SB 402 - Mandate that DEP issue E&S control permits within a reasonable amount of time.

SB 459 - Create loan forgiveness for architects in return for pro bono work.

SB 331 - Funding and training standardization for new fire fighters.

SB 413 - Would provide a 15% real estate tax discount for volunteer firefighters or EMTs.

SB 432 - Would require continuing education for Architects.

SB 340 - Requires purchasers of tax sale properties to enter into development agreement with municipality.

SB 471 - Expedited foreclosure of abandoned properties.

SB 519 - Eliminate exceptions to clean indoor air act and include vaping.

SB 663 - Third party inspection choice legislation. (Passed in Senate 40-9 10-17-17)

SB 893 - State level guidelines for the placement of electronic billboards. 

SB 1039 - Preventing HOAs from prohibiting solar panel installations.

SR 416 - Would commission a study of what fire codes, if any, the individual municipalities have adopted.

Senate Co-Sponsor Memos